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Rev. Minister Pastor Dunu Joseph








Faithful day in 17th October, 2010. When I heard a voice to go and perform his work.



On that same day, I heard the same voice telling me about a friend of mine in the person of MENSAH to accompany me for this missionary work. I first went to his house, but I sat back and asked myself, “What am I going to tell him”.



So I came back home, I heard a voice again telling me “didn’t i send you” so finally I went to his house around 5:45 am in the morning. On that faithful day, I delivered the message to him for what I have heard, so he told me to give him a time to pray over it. 



By his grace, we started the ministry from his kitchen.  After five (5) months later, we moved to a classroom where we were able to find a place for worship. I also went out to evangelize the word to people. That’s how the church started. Now below is the vision, mission and goal of this ministry.



Vision: To develop close relationship with those who know they are spiritually poor, such close relationship will produce a stronger and more loyal team.



Mission: Working closely, with assist in the ministry brings about valuable friendship that could last a lifetime.



Goal: To send the scripture to the world. (Teachings, preaching’s and healings) 


Today we celebrated in our church Christening. With our new cute member. Pastor Dunu Joseph baptized him by the name Ben Torsu. Welcome little boy Ben in our community

Heute haben wir in unserer Kirche die Taufe gefeiert. Mit unserem neuen süßen Mitglied. Pastor Dunu Joseph taufte ihn mit dem Namen Ben Torsu. Willkommen, kleiner Junge Ben in unserer Community.