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Hannington Kyalo is the founder of PENIEL CHILDREN'S MINISTRY, KENYA. His passion is for the orphans, Less fortunate and street children. He established his ministry in the year 2017 ,and has made several achievements so far. In the first years of the ministry, he managed to restore (30) street children, currently he has reunited 37(the total number of of orphans, less fortunate are 67 kids in number) we have orphans, less fortunate and Street children whome we re - united to their families and helped a number of them go back to school. He has also helped several orphans by providing their basic needs. Whenever he is not engaged with ministry activities, he focuses on his talents, which are:-singing and playing the piano.

Peniel  children ministry was started with an aim of reaching the orphans and street children.

This great idea was birthed from the mind of the founder (Hannington mutua).The ministry project was established in 2015 and later fully launched in 2017 August with a mission of main streaming the orphans support /protection programs through provision of education, food, clothes and for the street kids re- uniting the street children with their parents/guardians.


since the ministry was fully launched, we have managed to -re-unite.... Street children with their parents/ guardians.

-to constantly provide for the  orphans basic needs like food and clothing.

-to send the restored street children back to school or to vocational training centers.

-early the year (2018 and 2019) April 2019 we managed to hold our ever first children's camp


as a ministry we are faced with multiple challenges.

But the main one is:-Lack of enough and constant support to  fully implement the project's program, especially the longterm based.


By raising more support through well wishers, friends and larger charity/faith based organizations that have the same vision as we do METHODOLOGY:

We carefully identify the orphans, less fortunate and street kids through trusted church leaders, child welfare department and volunteer social workers who carry out case studies in the streets of the city and the villages.

Currently we are running the following programs:

-giving out educational scholarships.

-Providing for their meals (food).

-providing them with clothes

-Re-uniting the street children with their parents/guardians.


Working hard to ensure that :---basic needs of the orphans and less fortunate children are met . Helping them to get a new life through vocational skills and life skills. Raising their confidence level for a better tomorrow and boosting their social life. Develop them physically and psychologically, hence becoming self dependant and reliable in the society. OUR VISION: To build two separate centers.

One will be used rehabilitate the aged orphans and less fortunate children's and offer vocational training after their restoration. whereby one will be used to set up a vocational training school for the orphans and less fortunate youths who are past the age of joining formal schools. The second facility will have homes that will be u used to house for the orphans,To build a school and a healthy facility.PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY :