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Africa: Independent Panel on Pandemics Readiness Comes to Grim Conclusion

Mi 19 Jun 2024 11:03:20 CEST
[allAfrica] Monrovia -- "If there were a new pandemic threat today...the world will likely be overwhelmed again".

Africa: Floating Solar Panels Could Provide Much of Africa's Energy - New Research

Mi 19 Jun 2024 06:50:19 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] New research has found that several countries could meet all their energy needs from solar panel systems floating on lakes. Climate, water and energy environmental scientists R. Iestyn Woolway and Alona Armstrong analysed how much energy could be produced by floating solar panels on just 10% of the water surface of one million bodies of water globally. They found that Ethiopia and Rwanda could generate more energy than their current national energy need from the floating energy systems alone.